The HyperDex group has an extensive background within the financial industry, including well over a decade of experience. Initially, we developed proprietary trading algorithms based on statistical arbitrage that were used within the Forex market. Soon after, it was concluded we could use these same algorithms within the crypto market - and so we did.
Starting in 2016, our team also began involved with crypto mining in Canada using green energy (Hydro Quebec). This combined with building proprietary trading algorithms has resulted in our group gaining a vast amount of blockchain-related knowledge as well as experience with programming languages such as Solidity, Python, C++, and React.
From here, we were able to better understand the functionalities and opportunities within the DeFi sector.
After several months of programming, we finished the creation of one of the first ‘DeFi Asset Management’ platforms. The platform offers simplified investment types in the form of so-called ‘Cubes’. Cubes are simply containerized investment strategies hosted on a public blockchain.
This was the inception of HyperDex.
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